Mamava Mini

An all-in-one furnishing for lactation and wellness rooms

  • 22 sq ft, 272 lbs | 3’9” D x 6’ W x 5’9” H 

  • Lactation furnishing with interior lock

  • Assembled onsite by licensed installers


the day it’s delivered

  • Interior lock 

  • 360° privacy screen

  • Two (15A) electrical outlets 

  • Ergonomic seat + footrest by Steelcase

  • Side table

  • Adjustable work surface + task light

  • Storage cubby

  • Available with Medela’s Symphony Pump


Maximize your capacity.

Arrange multiple Minis together.




Dignified. Dedicated.

A symbol of your support

Keep your nursing moms out of bathrooms, closets, conference rooms, and spare offices.


Mamava + mama = ❤️ for you