Smart Access

Simple entry for moms. Usage data for you.

Mamava’s Smart Access System consists of the motherboard in your pod and the Mamava app, which sync up to provide you with usage data while giving moms simple entry and a delightful pod experience.  

*Alternative access options are available.


Easy Wayfinding

Guide mothers to your pod with the interactive map. 


Simple Entry 

App unlocks the pod with the press of a button. (And Bluetooth!)


Comfort Controls

Mom can use the app to dim the lights and reduce airflow in the pod.  


Helpful Insights 

Capture usage data and monitor your pod’s interior environment.


The Mamava mobile app

Mamava pods’ smart sidekick.

The app unlocks helpful insights

  • Understand usage patterns

  • Schedule adequate cleaning cycles

  • Optimize your pod placement

  • Identify a need for more lactation accommodations


Smart Access technology comes standard on the Mamava Original and Mamava ADA


Mamava Original


Mamava ADA


Download the Smart Access info sheet