Frequently Asked Questions


What if the app won’t locate or unlock the Mamava pod?

If the app doesn't automatically locate the nearest pod, you can always unlock the pod by pressing the small unlock button in the top left corner of your screen.

If you're still having issues:

1) Make sure your Bluetooth is on.

2) Try force quitting and restarting the app.

3) If you still aren’t able to open the pod (gahhhh! sorry!), please contact the facilities so that they can assist you directly. A blinking red light on the keypad indicates that the battery needs to be changed and the facility should consult their Mamava Customer Care manual

Why isn’t there a sink inside?

Mamava pods are designed to be freestanding lactation solutions, but they’re also designed to be a mobile space that’s easily installed and moved by the venues that purchase them. We recognize the added value of a sink, but including plumbing would significantly alter the mobility, and affordability, of the pods for too many facilities.

Who oversees the care and cleaning of Mamava pods?

The facilities that purchase our pods are responsible for cleaning and maintenance. If you find a Mamava suite in need of better care, please contact customer service at the location immediately. But feel free to let us know (a tweet to @mamava is a quick way to get in touch or email us at [email protected]) as we have contacts for every location.

Why are you hiding breastfeeding?

We celebrate breastfeeding and believe that mamas have the right to feed their babies however and wherever they choose. But every mama is different. Some mamas need private spaces to pump. Some prefer privacy for nursing and others may just need help containing a toddler while feeding an infant. Our lactation pods are created by moms, for moms, to make sure that all moms have choices and access to a comfortable dignified space wherever they go. Intentionally designed to provide a calming oasis for moms, Mamava pods also serve as friendly reminders that breastfeeding and pumping are happening all around us.

Do you have an ADA compatible unit?

Sure do! Download our ADA Suite information sheet here.

As an employer, what are my obligations to support breastfeeding?

If you employ non-exempt employees, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) mandates that you’re legally obligated to provide both the space and time for a nursing mom to express milk until her child reaches one year of age. A bathroom does not qualify as permissible space. In addition to the FLSA, many states and municipalities have additional legislation protecting a breastfeeding woman’s right to pump at work.

How can I find a Mamava or other places to pump?

Locate all public Mamava pods (and thousands of other Mamava-approved pumping locations) with the free Mamava mobile app.

The app also unlocks the pods via our Bluetooth-enabled smart lock.  

Find a list of our current locations here.

Nominate a new Mamava location on our mobile app or contact airports and stadiums with your request.

Why aren’t there changing stations?

Mamava pods are solely for breastfeeding and pumping so that no mama has to serve or prepare her baby’s food in a bathroom.  The interior is made of a non-porous food-grade surface to make it easy to clean, but changing diapers in a pod runs the risk of soiling it for the next mama. We always recommend that pods be placed in close proximity to a restroom with a changing station.

How can I encourage my employer to get a Mamava?

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers with non-exempt employees are legally required to provide nursing mothers with a dedicated lactation space. Share information about breastfeeding laws at work with your employer and find out more about the protections your state offers in our breastfeeding laws by state page. Plus, here’s a step-by-step guide to advocating for a Mamava pod where you work. Or share this page about the benefits of buying a Mamava pod versus the costs of building a lactation room. 

Can I rent a Mamava?

Our inflatable pod is a perfect pop-up lactation space for short-term events. Find out more about renting a pod here.

Are Mamava pods available internationally? 

Mamava pods are manufactured in the United States and are distributed primarily in North America. We have had several international customers and are happy to discuss the possibility of placing a pod in your country. Please get in touch to learn more.