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Mamava's App Angel Enters the Spotlight

April 5, 2019

Rebecca Roose, Mamava's Director of Digital Products, spoke with Best Mobile App Awards about the award-winning Mamava pump & nursing finder app.

Mamava’s free locator app makes it easy to find breast pumping and breastfeeding-friendly locations for mamas on-the-go. Mamava, the category creator for freestanding lactation spaces, views the app as “an extension of our mission to provide spaces for women to meet their breastfeeding goals,” explains Rebecca Roose. “In addition to locating and unlocking all the public Mamava locations, our app helps moms find thousands of other breast pumping and breastfeeding-friendly locations.”

Rebecca Roose, App Angel, finding her light in a Mamava pod.

Rebecca Roose, App Angel, finding her light in a Mamava pod.

The app, which took home the Gold for the Best Designed Mobile App, currently contains over 3000 lactation spaces (never a bathroom). Users can submit and review lactation spaces within the app, as well as leave moms digital notes.

“When we started in 2013, nobody was solving the problem of providing and finding places for parents to pump or breastfeed on the go. But working mothers need access to sanitary spaces to pump if they want to continue to breastfeed when they return to work,” says Roose. Read more in her App Spotlight Interview.

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Mamava designs solutions to empower breastfeeding and pumping mamas on the go, like our freestanding lactation pods and lactation space locator app.