Mamava ADA  

Our original suite. Designed for the private office, and installed in zoos, military bases, factories, offices, stadiums, schools and governmental institutions. The Mamava suite is a clean, comfortable mobile lactation suite. Perfect for the mom on the go or the mom at work who needs a private space to pump or breastfeed. 



All Mamava suites comes with a multi-functional mechanical SmartLock with Bluetooth. The SmartLock syncs with Mamava’s mobile app to provide security and usage data.

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Mamava's ADA compatible suite has a 60" turning radius and side benches for handicap accessibility. Interior surfaces of the Mamava are made of food-service-grade Fiberglass and Corian®.

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ADA Compatible

Each ADA suite has grab bars throughout to support moms in need. 

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Pump & Power

Each suite is equipped with two AC and USB power outlets (one on each side). Charge your phone, power your breast pump and plug in your iPad. Relax and let-down.


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Your Brand

Mamava Original Spec Sheet

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Other Mamava Suite Spec Sheets

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Mamava suites may be purchased privately or financed with media sponsorships.

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