Mamava Inflatable

The Mamava inflatable is available to rent for $250/day, shipping included!

  • A fun and portable boob-shaped beacon of your breastfeeding support.

  • Perfect for summits and symposiums, conferences and concerts

  • Maximum two-week rental


Fully inflates in one minute.


Magnetic closure, secured with interior clips

Extension cord provided so mamas can plug in

Requires one outlet to remain inflated

*Chair and table not provided


Inflatable FAQs


How much does it cost?

$250 per pod per day, shipping included. We do have a three-day, $750 minimum. And we only charge you for the days the pod is in use—not the day it arrives or the time it’s en route.

How far in advance should I reserve the pod for my event?

They’re first-come-first serve and we have limited inventory. We recommend reaching out as early as possible (no later than three weeks in advance of your event).

When will the pod arrive?

The crate ships via UPS so guaranteed arrival is by 4:30pm on the requested arrival date. We suggest having it arrive at least a day ahead of your event and we won’t charge you for that! If for example, you don’t have access to the venue where your event is taking place, please specify that you need the pod to arrive no earlier/later than the requested arrival date.

How do we set it up?

The unit inflates/deflates in just one minute. Just plug it in and

How much power is needed?

A standard 15- or 20-amp outlet to remain inflated. The pod can be unplugged during off hours.

What does the pod come with?

The pod plugs into a standard outlet (fan that inflates the pod is attached to the unit). We also provide the following items:

  • Plug for mom’s pump

  • Stakes for outdoor use

  • Zip ties

  • Instructions for inflation

  • Extension cord

  • Return label and envelope

What do we need to provide for mom?

A table and chair inside of the unit. Wipes and hand sanitizer are great added amenities for mom!

Is the unit fully enclosed?

Because of the open-top nature, place the pod in a covered area. Avoid an atrium setting for mom’s privacy.

Can I incorporate branding?

Yes! Offering a Mamava inflatable is a big billboard of your breastfeeding support, so it makes sense to let mamas know to whom they should direct their warm fuzzy feelings. Most of our partners like to stand up signage next to the inflatable. If you have other specific questions about associating your branding with Mamava's inflatable, let us know!

What are your payment terms?

Pay a full deposit upon reservation of the pod(s). We accept check or credit card. Please indicate your form of payment preference in the rental request form.

How do I return the pod?

The UPS return label will be inside of the pod (in a plastic folder) and emailed to you!

How does the unit ship?

The unit ships in a blue plastic box.

How big is the box and how much does it weigh?

Small Crate - 43 pounds, 28 x 21 x 16

Large Crate - 58 pounds, 30 x 22 x 21

*The size of the crate corresponds to the product’s model. Both models are essentially the same design and are the same cost.

How is it secured to the floor?

The unit comes with stakes for an outdoor setting. Make sure the unit is placed in a cover area to protect mama from the elements!

How do I ship the pod back?

Use the return label in the folder inside of the unit and drop it at the nearest UPS drop off site.