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IMPORTANT: The unit is intended to be installed in an indoor location only. The unit should not be installed in any area where it will be exposed to moisture, excessive humidity, wind or other outdoor elements or extreme temperatures (below 40°F (4°C) or greater than 90°F (32°C))
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Purchaser will be subject to additional shipping costs if outside of Standard Freight. Standard freight assumes loading dock and no additional services. Additional services include: Inside Delivery, lift-gate service, airport, construction site, military base, trade show deliveries, limited access, holiday/weekend, outside of normal business hours, expedited or guaranteed service, notification prior to delivery, appointment, large city deliveries (ex., NYC, Boston, Seattle). Shipping lead times will vary due to the shipping logistics to different areas of the country. The delivery agency will schedule a delivery appointment as necessary/noted above. Customers will have 10 calendar days to submit the damage claim form. Customers are responsible for accepting the delivery at time of arrival. **CUSTOMERS THAT DO NOT ACCEPT THE ORDER ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR STORAGE AND OR ADDITIONAL TRANSPORT FEES.** Please acknowledge you have read through the above shipping notes.