Words of Support From Other Mamas!

  • Way to go mama! Proud of your dedication and sacrifice! - Amanda

  • You are awesome. The woman’s body is limitless! 💜- Cami

  • What you’re doing for your baby is amazing: love at its best! - Elena

  • Latch on with ya bad self, mama. Never let anyone make you feel uncomfortable for it- KJ

  • You’re a superwoman. A mama. A creator and supporter of life. A hero.—Caitlin

  • Hi! Look at you! You're caring for your little one SO WELL!!! Go you!! Safe travels!!! - Heather, Philadelphia Airport

  • Chin up princess, or the crown slips! You got this momma! - Jennifer, Atlanta International Airport

  • The best mom is you! - Amber, Amtrak-Chicago Union Station

  • What did the baby say to its mother after breastfeeding? Thanks for the mammaries! - Jamie, Amtrak-Chicago Union Station

  • You got this, momma! Nurse/pump on :-)  - Sookie, Baltimore-Washington International Airport

  • It’s all worth it. You’ve got this! You’re literally sustaining a human—which basically makes you superwoman! - Lauren, McCormick Place

  • Pumping is not easy! You’re doing great!!! - Kristen, Atlanta International Airport

  • Isn't it awesome to have a peaceful place to feed and pump? Keep up the good work! - Bry, Baltimore-Washington International Airport

  • You are exceptional 😊 - Liz, Atlanta International Airport

  • Love and support to a hardworking mama. Breastfeeding and pumping can be hard but look at you go! - Kayla, Las Vegas McCarran Airport

  • Congrats! You've made it through security or just landed. You've got this! Every drop you get is a drop of love. - Amanda, Atlanta International Airport

  • Good job momma! Keep up the good work! And Go Colts!! - Marissa, Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis Colts

  • It’s all worth it. You’ve got this! You’re literally sustaining a human - which basically makes you superwoman! - Lauren

  • You've got this, mama! You're doing a great job ❤ - Nicole

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