Mamava Mini by Steelcase

Design for Breastfeeding

Functional Furniture for Breastfeeding and Pumping Comes to NeoCon 2017


Chicago, IL – June 12th, 2017 – With the desire to provide world class amenities for all show attendees and exhibitors, NeoCon will ensure breastfeeding moms have a private, dignified space to express breast milk with the Mamava Lactation Suite. 


“After such an overwhelmingly positive response around our booth and presence at last year’s show, we are thrilled to be welcomed back to support breastfeeding mamas at NeoCon,” Sascha Mayer, CEO and Co-founder of Mamava.


Mamava, design expert in lactation accommodations, is partnering with NeoCon to facilitate the design of a thoughtful, intentional breastfeeding room. The room will feature a comfortable sitting area for use by mothers who need a private place to pump or breastfeed as well as the soon to be available Mamava Mini by Steelcase.   


“Steelcase is proud to collaborate with such a forward-looking company on this much-needed solution for the workplace,” said Jody Hanson, general manager of seating and surface materials. “Our research shows that a well-designed space can nurture the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of individuals. In working with Mamava, we created a concept that would specifically focus on those needs for nursing mothers.”



The Mamava Mini is designed for individual use in an open space, and creates a comfortable and private setting for mothers to breastfeed or pump. The Mamava Mini incorporates state of-the-art ergonomics that cradle the body, allowing the upper and lower back to be supported. The screens provide a necessary privacy barrier, and, if desired, the Mamava Mini provides a setting where she can work with its angled Personal Work Surface, built-in arm support and lighting. With a Mamava heart and Steelcase research, insights and design, the Mamava Mini is a powerful demonstration of user-centered design for the 21st century mother.

“As a design professional myself, I can identify with these mamas and know the challenges they face to both produce milk and work the show floor. It means the world to me to support these women to be the best employees and mothers they can be,” Sascha Mayer, CEO and Co-founder of Mamava.


Breastfeeding mothers at NeoCon 2017 can locate the suite at 7-5136, and download Mamava’s mobile app to locate all breastfeeding and pumping-friendly locations nearby, free on iOS and Android.



About Mamava


Mamava, based in Burlington, Vermont was incubated at Solidarity of Unbridled

Labour (formerly JDK Design), a world-renowned design studio. Mamava creates

design solutions for nursing mothers on the go. We believe that a woman should be

able to breastfeed her baby anywhere she wants to, and we also know there is a

need, especially in high-traffic public areas, for a private and comfortable place to

use a breast pump or nurse. Mamava is mama owned, made in America, and a

proud member of the B Corp community. The free Mamava app for iPhone and

Android allows moms to search for pumping and breastfeeding friendly locations. For more information, visit

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