Mamava Mama: Megan Pagels

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Megan and her husband tried for years to get pregnant, and when she finally did, she knew she wanted to breastfeed. "I wanted to do everything I could to breastfeed, " she says. "I didn’t know the struggles and challenges that would follow."

Even though Megan's daughter, Eleanor, latched easily, at her six week check-up she was only in the 3rd percentile for weight. The doctor told her she wasn't producing enough breast milk, so she met with a lactation consultation who helped her increase her supply. Megan ate homemade granola with flax seed and brewer's yeast, increased her water intake, and tried to get more sleep. She also began pumping after every feeding. "It was so stressful and exhausting, but so worth it.  And I had this horrible guilt that I had been starving my child and had NO clue!" says Megan. "I literally breastfed her, then bottle fed her my milk while I was strapped to the pump!" 

Megan went back to work at 12 weeks, but by then her milk supply was going strong and so was the breastfeeding. "I now have a good supply and breastfeeding is my favorite time of day - to snuggle with my sweet girl and provide her nourishment from my own body. Ellie looks for me when we get home from work and daycare so she can nurse," says Megan. "I feel so blessed to have been able breastfeed and to be surrounded by so much love and support. It's not easy, but family, friends, and, of course my sweet baby girl, make it all worth it!"

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