Ode to the Breast Dads

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Some dads are so rad and supportive that they inspire poetry. Our very own Annie Ode—Mamava’s Director of Sales Operations and Pumpcast co-star—worked up these fun verses in honor of her guy, Eric, who totally gets a mama who nurses. (If the man in your life isn’t so helpful, considering sharing Mamava’s Enlightened Guy’s Guide to Breastfeeding.)

Our baby never latched onto your chest, but you rushed to the store at my every bequest,

as she constantly rooted and cried for more, you grabbed me Lanolin, cabbage, Motrin and more!

While I tried to “sleep when the baby slept”, you did the laundry, vacuumed and kept,

the house from dissolving into a total pig sty, while I sat topless, letting the nipple cream dry.

After just 45 minutes of sleep, again she’d wake, and so another pot of coffee you soon would make.

As I poked and prodded my new figure - obsessed, you said my body had never been more impressive.

You refilled my water twenty times a day,

and made me a meal whenever I’d say,

“Hey, are you hungry? When’d we eat last?”

Even though only an hour had passed.

So while I was baby’s food truck day in and day out, you bore the burden equally, no doubt.

Our baby thrived, was healthy and glad

because she had her pro-breastfeeding Dad.

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