Mamava Mini All-in-One Furnishing for Lactation and Wellness Rooms

A collaboration with Steelcase, the Mamava Mini is a turnkey furnishing solution with an ergonomic seat, adjustable work surface, charging station, footrest, and task light. The Mamava Mini provides a dedicated lactation space where mamas can choose to multitask comfortably.  

Mamava's six to eight week turnaround makes Fair Labor Standards Act compliance fast and easy. To learn more about the breastfeeding legislation, visit our breastfeeding laws page here.

Download the spec sheet for sizing and details

A turnkey prefabricated furnishing for easy lactation and wellness room fit-up. The Mini eliminates need for construction, plumbing, hardwiring, or reallocating a room.



Turnkey solution with chair, footrest, adjustable work surface, two electrical outlets, task light, storage cubby, and 360° privacy screen with interior lock.

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Arrange multiple Mamava Minis to maximize capacity of wellness and lactation spaces. 



An ergonomic Steelcase chair supports the upper and lower back and a small supportive stool can be easily tucked away to create space. 


Watch the video for dimensions and specifications


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Lactation Pod for Offices & Work Spaces - Mamava Mini

Mamava Mini lactation and breast pumping pod for work spaces. Contact our sales team to learn more.