Partner With Us

We love teaming up with like-minded brands and organizations to maximize our collective impact.


While we’d wish we could support every worthy cause, we invite donation and sponsorship requests from organizations in the following categories: Breastfeeding Advocacy, Women’s Issues, Fellow B Corps, Parental Leave Advocacy Workplace Equity, Socioeconomic Equity, Health and Wellness


In-Kind Donations

Looking for product donations for your event, like a raffle, door prize or silent auction item? We can do that!

Mamava Inflatable Donation

We may be able to donate an inflatable pod to your event so breastfeeding mamas have a dignified place to pump or nurse.

Event Sponsorships

Looking for a cash donation or event sponsor? Provided budget and mission alignment, we sometimes do that too.

Submit your request at least 30 days before your event. We’ll respond within 10 business days.


Partnership opportunities

If you’re an organization or brand aligned with our mission of supporting breastfeeding mothers and would like to explore partnerships opportunities outside of donations and sponsorships, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to Jessica Phelan at [email protected] to inquire.