Moms love Mamava - get in here for a group hug!

The power of the pod


Authentic connection

Mamas are delighted to find the pod you’ve provided and grateful for your support.


Positive PR

We work with your PR and marketing teams to share your story of breastfeeding support.


Brand evangelism

Thankful mamas snap selfies and share them far and wide, creating buzz for your brand.


Customize the exterior and interior panels of your pod(s)

Mamava design services available.  


Beyond the pod

Connect with Mamava’s engaged digital audience


Sponsored content

In-app features and digital content served up while moms are in (and out of) the pod.

Paid media

Establish brand loyalty with millennial moms through your in-app presence.

Let’s get creative!

Experiential marketing (including pods + digital platforms), social campaigns, etc.


Moms use the Mamava app to:

Locate and unlock Mamava pods

Find thousands of other lactation spaces