Mamava Sponsorship: Your Brand on a Mamava Pod or in our app

Mamava's lactation suites offer "billboards with a purpose" on the outside and provide direct intimate brand communication on the inside. Through both the physical pods and digital Mamava mobile app, Mamava connects with consumers and moms where they work, travel, shop, play, and receive medical care.



Seventh Generation Mamava

Your branding on the inside and out of the Mamava suite.

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Mobile app locates Mamava suites, delivers sponsored content to moms and collects valuable data to measure ROI.


Join the Revolution - Support Modern Day Breastfeeding Mamas. 

Sponsoring brands and businesses across the country have garnered thousands of impressions via earned media and out-of-home impressions.

  • 58% of new mothers return to work by 3 months postpartum
  • Of the 75% of new moms that begin breastfeeding annually, only 21% make it to the recommended exclusive breastfeeding milestone of six months.
  • If 90% of US moms breastfed exclusively for the first six months, the US would save $18.5 billion in costs, and 3,300 infant and maternal lives annually.