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Sascha Mayer

CEO & Co-founder Mamava


Sascha Mayer is the CEO and Co-founder of Mamava, Inc. in Burlington, Vermont. Mamava designs solutions for nursing mamas on the go, and since 2015 has placed over 400 lactation suites in locations as diverse as airports, sports stadiums, automobile factories, and military bases.  Mission driven, women owned, and B Certified, Mamava created a category and is the leading expert in lactation spaces. Mamava’s smartlock enabled lactation suites and mobile app are designed with consideration of the biological, physical, and emotional needs of nursing mamas (and babies) on the go.


Catherine D’Ignazio

Executive Director of the MIT Media Lab Make the Breast Pump Not Suck

Hackathon and Policy Summit


Catherine D'Ignazio is a mama, artist/designer and executive director of the MIT Make the Breast Pump Not Suck project which seeks to hack breast pumps, normalize breastfeeding and pumping, drive policy change, and center breastfeeding equity and justice. We think the future of breastfeeding is irreverent and intersectional, with mamas, parents and babies at the center.


Michael Klaus

Steelcase Marketing Specialist


Michael Klaus is the Lounge Category Manager for Steelcase, Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Steelcase’s mission is to design solutions and spaces that unlock human potential. Steelcase has been designing furniture and space solutions for over one hundred years.


Adrienne M. Penta

Senior Vice President Private Banking of Center for Women & Wealth at



Adrienne Penta is a Senior Vice President and the Executive Director of the Brown Brothers Harriman Center for Women & Wealth (CW&W). Adrienne led the creation of the CW&W, which supports women as they create and manage wealth, and seeks to create a dynamic and inclusive environment where women can engage in conversations about wealth, family and values. CW&W provides women with the investment, planning and philanthropic resources they need to navigate transitions, help the next generation thrive and plan for the succession and transition of privately-owned businesses. Adrienne is also the mom of two and lives in Boston.