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Mamava original lactation pod

Mamava Original

  • Our best-selling lactation pod
  • Best for workplaces & small venues
  • 26 square ft
Mamava ADA compatible lactation pod

Mamava ADA

  • Spacious and accessible
  • Best for large public venues
  • 50 square ft

Mamava Solo

  • Comfortably compact
  • Best for private workplaces
  • 14.5 square ft
Mamava Mini lactation furnishing

Mamava Mini

  • A first-class furnishing
  • Best for lactation and wellness rooms
  • 22 square ft

Our only rental option is the Mamava Inflatable for short-term events

Rent Mamava Inflatable


What to expect from all Mamava products tk

Asset 45.png


Turnkey ammenities built-in.

Asset 41.png

Easy to maintain

Food-grade, solid surfaces

Asset 40.png


Pods in stock. Installs in 2-4 hrs.

Asset 43.png

Ongoing support

Monitoring + maintenance

Asset 44.png

Local. Women-owned.

Designed and built in the USA.

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Platform-enabled pods

Asset 42.png


Freestanding and easy to relocate.


Pulse Platform tk

Tech that connects pod, app, and you! tk

Wayfinding, vacancy alerts, and simple entry for moms with the Mamava app.
Metrics + remote maintenance monitoring for you.


Short title

Legal compliance made easy

Meets FLSA and many state/local-level laws.
Built-in amenities with integrated electrical.
Dedicated, locking space.


Mamas have the right to feed their babies however and wherever they choose. But every mama is different. Some mamas need private spaces to pump. Some prefer privacy for nursing and others may just need help containing a toddler while feeding an infant.

Mamava is committed to making breastfeeding and pumping an authentic choice by providing spaces for nursing moms. We can’t move our mission forward without partners, like you, who purchase and host Mamava pods. 

You are making the world a better place for breastfeeding mothers. Thank you.


Frequently asked questions


How many lactation accommodations should I provide?

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What’s the best placement for a Mamava pod or furnishing?

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Can a Mamava be placed outside?
The electrical circuit is not weather resistant. While the electrical circuit is GFCI protected, the connections to and the individual components are not. We use particle board underneath our benches and inside our wall panels that would be very susceptible to moisture, encouraging the growth of mold and other bacteria. The ceiling pan is perforated putting user in direct exposure to outside weather. Units have no internal cooling or heating mechanism, making the internal environment exactly the same as the external (meaning moms could be freezing or boiling inside). Finally, our Terms + Conditions explicitly stipulate that the pods cannot be placed in a location not approved by Mamava would be in violation.

Can I rent a Mamava?
The Mamava Inflatable pod is a perfect pop-up lactation space for short-term events. Find out more about renting an Inflatable pod here.

What else do I need for my lactation accommodation?

Not much. We recommend placing a trashcan outside the unit and a wipes or a sanitizing dispenser inside to help her clean drips and spills.

Why is there no sink in the pod?

Mamava pods are designed to be freestanding lactation solutions. Including plumbing would significantly alter the mobility, and affordability, of the pods for too many facilities. TK: Can we mention something about our pump cleaning suggestions here (since since aren’t ideal).

Can moms change diapers in a Mamava?

Mamava pods are solely for breastfeeding and pumping so that no mama has to serve or prepare her baby’s food in a bathroom. The interior is made of a non-porous food-grade surface to make it easy to clean, but changing diapers in a pod runs the risk of soiling it for the next mama. We always recommend that pods be placed in close proximity to a restroom with a changing station.

If I provide a Mamava, are moms required to use it for breastfeeding and pumping?
No. Moms have the right to breastfeed and pump in public in all 50 states. A mother’s protection at work varies by state. Check our Guide to Breastfeeding to see the laws in your state.


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