Mamava Mama: Bree LeMay


Bree LeMay is a full-time single mother of two children. She's also a hair stylist who's getting ready to go back to work behind the chair part-time and plans to pump in between clients. As a staunch believer in a mama's right to breastfeed wherever and whenever the need arises, Bree's gotten her fair share of unhelpful comments and sideways looks. She doesn't let it faze her, just continues on confidently: "I openly nurse in public because I feel absolutely zero shame for nurturing my children." Bree offers these insights to other breastfeeding mamas.

Be confident in your breastfeeding goals.

The World Health Organization and the American Pediatrics Academy both recommend breastfeeding for at least the first year, and longer if circumstances allow. While many women struggle to meet these recommendations, Bree was able to breastfeed her son for three years. "The third year was just in the morning for a few minutes and strictly for comfort," says Bree. "A lot of people had opinions regarding my decision to nurse for so long, but I never let it detour me from my nursing goals. In the end, it was my decision and nothing anybody said or any dirty look I caught was going to stop me."

Feel free to feed your baby in public. 

Even in a busy places, Bree does what she needs to do to nourish her daughter. "I nursed her as I walked around Costco because the show must go on!" says Bree. "Truth be told, after you have a child and a crew of hospital staff have seen your lady bits, all modesty is thrown out the window."

Enjoy your breastfeeding journey. 

For Bree, breastfeeding both her children has been a powerful bonding experience and she feels really lucky.  As she says, "I am strong. I am powerful. I am primal. I am a woman in the most raw form. Life is beautiful and breastfeeding is natural!" Bree doesn't know if her daughter will want to nurse as long as her son did but she plans to follow her lead. "I’m along for her journey," says Bree. "I feel so at ease with her and relish the moments we share."

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