Hilarious Pop Culture Moms We're Loving Right Now

Breasts and babies are beautiful and amazing, and they’re also fun and funny. We’re all about transforming culture to make it more accepting of breastfeeding mamas, so we appreciate the pop culture moments that embrace the wild ride of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.  


Like this great cartoon from MomComic.com.

Or Superstore’s season finale,“Labor,” when Cheyenne refuses to leave the store because they don’t have a paid maternity leave: 

But one of our favorites is comedian Ali Wong and her hilariously smart show Baby Cobra. When it comes to honesty about women’s bodies, Ali hits it out of the park.  Every. Single. Time.  When have you ever seen a seven and a half month pregnant comedian?


Right? That’s what we thought.

Here’s Ali on breastfeeding when she was interviewed about being a new mom:

I could go on and on and on about breastfeeding. I thought it was supposed to be this beautiful bonding ceremony, where I would feel like I was sitting on a lily pad in a meadow and bunnies would gather at my feet. ...

But really it’s like this savage ritual that just reminds you that all of us, we’re nothing but mammals. We ain’t special. You know? When she gets hungry, my baby girl, she yanks my nipple back and forth like that bear effing up Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. It’s frightening.
— Ali Wong

Hello? We’ll be front and center at her new stand-up show!


And then there’s Jessi Klein, a writer for Amy Schumer and author of You’ll Grow Out of It, who described her experience pumping at the Emmys:

I’m sitting there with the Emmy statuette at my feet and I’m wearing kind of a fancy dress. And I have to figure out how to unzip it on my own, and then I put on my nursing bra. I just suddenly felt like, ‘Oh, I won this Emmy ... but now it is over and I just have to be back in my sort of currently overweight, milk-laden body, and waking up and 2 in the morning and 4 in the morning. And it’s hard.
— Jessi Klein

It is hard. And Ali’s right--it’s not all meadows and bunnies. So here’s to all the moms out there--working moms, traveling moms, moms on the go, celebrity moms--whose stories about breastfeeding and pumping help normalize and naturalize breastfeeding for all mamas!

Last Day to Enroll in a 2017 Affordable Care Act Health Plan!

Attention all breastfeeding and expectant mamas! Today is the last day to enroll in a 2017 Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plan. After today you can only enroll or change plans if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.


And thanks to the ACA, breast pumps are covered. This is good news for mamas because new breast pumps can cost anywhere from $250 to $2000.


Whether the ACA will be repealed and replaced is unclear, but don’t let this stop you from signing up whether you get your insurance through Medicaid or your employer, The ACA is currently the law, and the plan you choose will be your coverage for the rest of 2017.  


As a company dedicated to improving life for all mamas, we sure hope that any upcoming amendments preserve breast pump coverage and all the other hard-won protections for working families, but just in case, make sure you’re covered for 2017 by enrolling in a health plan through ACA or your employer today!

Welcome Jenny!

Mamava is growing by leaps and bounds and we’re excited to introduce Jenny, our new Inside Sales manager. She’s hit the ground running (cuz that’s how we roll) and is hard at work learning the ins-and-outs of our lactation pods. Recently we had a chance to catch up with her! 


What brought you to Mamava? 

A shared passion for social change through business. Support for women has been the common thread woven throughout my career-- from flower farming, to apparel and textile design, to proliferating internet use. 


I recently got my MBA in sustainable entrepreneurship at UVM, and during the program, I had the opportunity to connect with our co-founder Sascha. Her story inspired me, and Mamava has been on my radar ever since. I’m so grateful to be working for a company I believe in. 


If you could add one function or accessory to a Mamava pod, what would it be?

Relaxing music + dimmed lighting. Or a tiki bar. I love them. 


How do you feel about Sticky notes (our CEO loves them!) ? 

Post-its? I invented them...


Favorite go to work snack (we’re big on snacks!)?

Citrus + dark chocolate.


Favorite hobbies when you're not passionately working for Mamava?

Yoga, cooking + the great outdoors. 


If you could place ONE Mamava anywhere you want - where would you put it? 

I grew up working in restaurants. Because our country doesn’t mandate paid parental leave, and in the restaurant industry, when you don’t work, you don’t get paid, so many new moms who serve meals to others cannot feed their most important customer (their baby). I would love to help a national restaurant chain offer lactation accommodations to their employees. 


What part of Mamava are you most pumped about?

Empowering moms to do it all; work, travel, have a family, and be healthy and happy while doing it.

CES finally welcomes boobs! (of the breast-feeding variety)

Things changed for nursing moms visiting CES this year and it’s amazing to think that my little post from last year helped get that ball rolling.


What started as a simple project to illustrate how difficult it was to keep up with a pumping regiment at CES 2016 spiraled into something unexpected and beautiful.


Here’s what happened.


First piece — I shared the post with Allyson Downey, who directed me to MAMAVA, a woman-led company out of VT that makes portable lactation pods for conventions (and now airports, stadiums… well, pretty much anywhere that could use a lactation room… which means virtually EVERYWHERE) and the Mamava CEO, Sascha. Second piece — Allison Carney Fried (global communications for CTA), responded to my post, promising that CTA could and should do better to meet the needs of women visiting the show. Third piece — Lauren Dragan responded to Allison’s post and then took things one step further than I did, publishing a fantastic article in The Daily Beast. She then helped me push the connection between CTA and Mamava to make sure pumping mamas had a place to go for 2017.


And guess what…

We did a thing! Lauren (top) and I hanging with ladies of Mamava in their lactation pod at CES  

We did a thing! Lauren (top) and I hanging with ladies of Mamava in their lactation pod at CES


Mamava set up three lactation pods at CES this year — one in Tech South, one in Tech North and one in the BabyTech Marketplace. Allison came through on her promise.

A big thanks for Allison for helping to make the male-dominated CES a woman friendly place.  

A big thanks for Allison for helping to make the male-dominated CES a woman friendly place.


At one point, I was chatting with Sascha in front of the pod in BabyTech and a woman came by to let us know that she had just pumped at the pod downstairs and say thanks. Even if that was the one pumping mom who used the pod at the show, my work was worth it, but something tells me she was far from alone in that respect.


Welcome Rebecca, Sam, and Scott!

Mamava is growing by leaps and bounds and we’re excited to introduce three new full time employees! Rebecca Roose, our new Director of Marketing and Digital Products, Sam Hart, our Major Accounts Executive-Airports, and Scott Suitor, our Production Manager. With upcoming trade shows, product launches, and the holidays, these three have truly hit the ground running.


We managed to snatch a few moments of their time to ask a few questions.... 

Rebecca roose

Rebecca roose

Sam hart

Sam hart

Scott suitor

Scott suitor

What brought you to Mamava?

RR: I live in Vermont so Mamava has been on my radar for a while. A friend of mine, Nikkie Kent, started working here nine months ago and reached out to me when an opportunity opened up, thinking it would be a perfect fit for me. And it’s been a dream! I’m doing all my favorite things: marketing and developing digital products like our website and mobile apps. Plus, it’s fun to talk about something that everyone loves. It makes my job really easy :)


SHMy experience with the Mamava team began in 2015 as they planned their installation of four units at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  At the time, I was the general manager of the display advertising concessionaire under which the Mamava suites were being introduced not only as a passenger convenience but as a one-of-a-kind promotional and advertising product reaching all consumers going through the “World’s Most Traveled Airport.”


I was very impressed with the design and simple functionality of the product and, of course, the great personnel involved--Janet, Sascha and the entire team.  From start to finish, the process of ordering, shipping, installation and project promotion was flawless.  I enjoyed working in a “hands-on” manner in coordinating the receipt of the shipping crates, advance work in planning the route of travel through a myriad of elevators, loading docks and concourses.  I even rented and drove the delivery truck and worked overnight two nights with our assembly vendors to assemble and place the units.


I guess I did a pretty reasonable job, because shortly thereafter management took an interest in bringing me on to develop more locations in more airports around the U.S. and potentially overseas, as well.  Never before in my twenty years of working in airports have I felt a better connection between a product and our passengers.


SS: I met the CEO, Sascha, socially through my wife, Jen, about 6 years ago. Since then I have followed the Mamava concept closely as a very innovative idea.  However, it wasn't until just after my wife and I had our son, Vaughn, that the real need for such a solution became very apparent to me.  Jen works at a local public high school but even after the ACA went into effect, there was no "appropriate" lactation accommodations available in her workplace.  The result was quite a few days when she would come home frustrated and teary after trying to pump while at work.  A malodorous public handicapped bathroom is not a very "appropriate accommodation" to say the least! 


Once Mamava grew a bit and started spreading its wings, Sascha, knowing my technical aptitude and customer service experience, contacted me and encouraged me to apply for a newly established Production Manager job.  I eagerly pursued the chance to join such great local vanguard innovator and was elated when I was offered the position.  

Most awkward pumping moment? (Rebecca only!)

My kids are now 13 and 10, but I so clearly remember the irritation of having to pump in the bathroom at my old job and people knocking on the door wanting to get in.


As a mama who breastfed two kids, what advice do you wish you had before you became a mama? (Rebecca only!)

One thing I didn’t know about becoming a mom was all the guilt--about everything. You just have to pick your battles and do the best thing for yourself, first, and then other things will fall into place. It’s like an airplane announcement about putting on your oxygen mask first before assisting others. Because if you’re drowning, it’s failing twice as fast.

rebecca with family

rebecca with family

Scott with Vaughn

Scott with Vaughn

If you could add one function or accessory to a Mamava pod, what would it be?

RR: A barista and a full bar. As a parent, I’ve never drunk so much caffeine and booze. (Black coffee all the way!)


SHSanitizing wipes.


SSA thermostatically controlled ventilation fan.


How do you feel about Sticky notes (our CEO loves them!) ?

RR: They’re good in a pinch, but I really need to keep everything in one place. I’ve got sticky notes, my notebook, my computer, and the notes app on my iPhone.


SH: The little ones are great when reading/proofing RFP responses as call-outs to show where edits need to be made (God is in the details) and the “sign here” are good for showing CEOs where to place their signature.


SS: I am addicted to them! Despite my best efforts to fully integrate myself into the digital age, I just can't seem to give them up as an integral part of my organization process. Thankfully the boss is understanding!


Favorite go to work snack (we’re big on snacks!)?

RR: Meat sticks from Maple Wind Farms (my favorite local VT farm) and dried mango.


SH: Baby carrots or celery sticks for healthy snacks; the 2 lb. bag of Hershey’s Miniatures (sans the Mr. Goodbars) and raiding the Krackle ones. Or Jolly Ranchers. My dad had a grocery warehouse and I worked there during the summers as a kid… the best was the Candy Room, aisles and aisles of candy ready to be shipped out to stores.


SS: Chocolate. Period.


Favorite hobbies when you're not passionately working for Mamava?

RR: I like to snowboard and watch the Real Housewives.


SH: Travel, golf, tennis, running, camping, cooking and going to the most beautiful beach, in my hometown of Destin, Florida.


SS: In the warm months I like to spend time with my family playing outside and working on Vaughn's tree fort or spending time at Jen's family's lake camp in the ADKs. During cold months you can find us on the ski slopes and sledding. I also enjoy tinkering in the garage or working on my VW Vanagon Syncro.  


If you could place ONE Mamava anywhere you want - where would you put it?

RR: In a corrections facility so women could continue to feed and connect with their children even if they're not with them.


SH: The White House. I worked there early in my career and I’d love to go back, so many great memories.


SS: So I guess I can't use my one wish to ask for more wishes, right? Given that, I am going to stretch it a bit and say ONE in each National Park, ONE in each Smithsonian Museum, and ONE in each public high school ;-) 


What part of Mamava are you most pumped about?

RR: The amazing team and the mission!


SHBringing a simple solution to the very busy, varied and exciting airport environments across the U.S., establishing a great network of easily-recognizable, consistent, go-to locations that may also generate some advertising revenue for our partners.


SS: I am pumped about the increasing groundswell in the belief that breastfeeding (and pumping) is not just a good idea, but actually a right that every mother and child should be able to benefit from, regardless of whether at home or in public. On top of that, I am pumped to be part of a team bringing better solutions for moms to the marketplace so that they may have choices in when, where, and how they would like to exercise that natural, healthful right.