Design solutions for breastfeeding mamas on the go.


Mamava helps make breastfeeding more realistic and optimistic for all mamas.


Mamava Original

Our most popular pod for work and public spaces, securely accessed with our mobile app.


Mamava ADA

With 60’’ turnaround and grab bars for easy wheelchair use, and securely accessed with our mobile app.


Mamava Mini

An all-in-one furnishing perfect for lactation and wellness rooms.


Mamava Inflatable

A rentable breastfeeding space great for conferences, shows, and other events.


All-in-one turnkey lactation space solution.

Assemble quickly.png

Simple assembly eliminates construction disruption.

Compliance comfort.png

Designed for compliance and mamas’ comfort.

Move Easily.png

Easy to move on retractable casters.


Buy Vs. Build

Why Mamava is a smarter choice than building a lactation space.

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For moms who need a place to pump.

Artboard 3.png


Mamava pods + thousands of lactation spaces.

Artboard 3 copy.png


Open pods via Bluetooth with one tap.

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Explore options, read reviews, bookmark + share.

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Features for your breastfeeding journey.


Mamava Merch

Pledge allegiance to matriarchy with a tee, tote, or onesie.

Scripts for Action

Advocate for lactation support at work, airports, and stadiums.


You need a lactation space. We can help.

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