An all-in-one turnkey solution. Fast.

Mamava original lactation pod

Mamava Original

Mamava ADA compatible lactation pod

Mamava ADA

Mamava Mini lactation furnishing

Mamava Mini

  • Interior lock
  • 6'W x 3'9"D x 5'9"H
  • Furnishing, 360° privacy
Mamava inflatable lactation rental

Mamava Rental

  • Interior clasp
  • 8'5" diameter x 7'3"H
  • Temporary space, 360° privacy

In-pod technology + Mamava Mobile App

Smart Access

Provides moms with wayfinding, pod availability, and simple entry—and gives you data + insights.

Buy a Mamava vs. Build a room

  • Simple + quick assembly.
  • Freestanding—place it where you need it.
  • Easy to relocate on retractable casters.


You need a lactation space. We can help.