Careers at Mamava

Sales Account Executive: Mamava is looking to hire a highly consultative Sales Account Executive to help grow their product footprint in the geographic West. The demand for comfortable, accessible, and private breast-feeding spaces is on the rise, particularly in the private business sector. If you have real business development chops and would enjoy covering the West Coast, please click the link to apply!

About Mamava

Mamava is a women-owned, B Certified corporation based in Burlington, VT. Empathetic to today’s culture of breastfeeding, Mamava designs lactation suites to support breastfeeding mamas on the go. 


At Mamava we are dedicated to transforming the culture of breastfeeding, making it more optimistic, realistic, accommodating, and inviting to all mamas.


We seek to do this in a collaborative, fun, and open hearted work environment where every person’s individual talents and experiences contribute to our success, and where that success is shared by every person.

What drives us at Mamava is our belief that breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural function of motherhood. And all mothers should feel supported throughout their journey, from home to work and beyond. Because how mothers feed their children is their business. And providing mothers with a private, comfortable, clean and serene place to do it is ours.