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For nursing & breastfeeding mamas on the go.

Know your rights as a nursing mama.
Break Time for Nursing Mothers is a federal law implemented under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The law applies to non-exempt employees, and mandates that companies with at least 50 non-exempt employees provide the break time and space for breastfeeding employees to express breast milk. These spaces must be private, include a power source, and may not be a bathroom.




Where is Mamava today?

Mamava suites have been installed in airports, stadiums, convention centers, hospitals, and schools throughout the US. Whether traveling through JFK, watching a game at Fenway Park, or attending a conference at Austin Convention Center, mamas may enjoy a relaxing space to pump or breastfeed.

 Minnesota vikings at  US BANK stadium

Minnesota vikings at

US BANK stadium

 Fenway Park

Fenway Park

 University Mall

University Mall

 Madigan army medical center

Madigan army medical center

 Mamava  Inflatable rental at   Montpelier's Women's  March


Inflatable rental at 

Montpelier's Women's


 ces 2017

ces 2017




Mamava On-the-Go

Traveling and need a space to pump or breastfeed on the go? Download our mobile app to find the Mamava and/or public nursing room nearest you!


What People Are Saying

  • Thanks Mamava for providing a clean quiet place for moms to feed their babes while traveling. JetBlue terminal near Gate A!
    — Terri
  • Could have cried tears of joy when I saw this. Why isn’t this the norm?
    — Sara
  • Okay, this is kinda amazing.
    — Holly
  • Thanks so much! This saved me from pumping standing up in a family restroom!
    — Pamela