Mamava Mini

Mamava Mini  

A collaboration with Steelcase, the Mamava Mini features a state of the art, ergonomically designed seat that cradles the body, allowing the upper and lower back to be supported. The Mamava Mini provides a setting where mamas can choose to multitask on an angled work surface, with a charging station, and task light.


With Mamava's heart and Steelcase's research, insights, and design, the Mamava Mini is a powerful demonstration of user-centered design for the 21st century mother. 


For businesses in San Francisco looking to comply with the updated Lactation in the Workplace Ordinance, the Mini provides a sophisticated and compliant solution. To learn more about the SF legislation, visit our breastfeeding laws page here.





Pump & Productivity

Adjustable tablet work surface and side table for pump placement, and mama multitasking. Two electrical outlets.



Seated ergonomics that cradle the body, allowing the upper and lower back to be supported.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 2.56.19 PM.png


The Mamava Mini is perfect for the designated lactation lounge that needs to accommodate multiple pumping moms at the same time, or for single use applications.



The Mamava Mini features a 360° privacy screen with an interior lock, and an enhanced privacy sleeve. 6'4" model (shown) cannot see over 5'9" screen. 

Mamava Mini Spec Sheet

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Lactation Pod for Offices & Work Spaces - Mamava Mini

Mamava Mini lactation and breast pumping pod for work spaces. Contact our sales team to learn more.