The Mamava app

Find 4K+ approved places to pump or nurse. NEVER a bathroom.


Mamava pods are private and secure with roomy benches, space for a stroller, and a place to plug in your pump.


Other lactation spaces in the app are mom-submitted. Reviews and photos help you know what to expect.

Unlock Mamava pods with one tap.

  • Mamava’s smart lock ensures pods are secured for intended users only—breastfeeding and pumping mamas!

  • Make sure your Bluetooth is on—that’s how the magic happens.



Plan. Find the best pods and spaces ahead of time.

  • Explore lactation spaces on your route and at your destination.

  • Bookmark your favorite places.




Add new lactation spaces.

Pay it forward, mama! Be a hero.

  • Add new lactation spaces so more moms can find private, dignified places to pump or nurse.


Explore features to help you—and other mamas.

Get inspired. Lactivate.

  • Watch Mamava’s Pumpcast videos for expert breastfeeding tips.

  • Share your unique breastfeeding or pumping story.

  • Take action by requesting a Mamava pod in a public space.

Words of Support. We could all use a little (up)lift.

  • Get a sweet digital note from a mom who visited the pod before you.

  • Leave your own Words of Support for the next mama.


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