Mod your pod

Mamava pods are perfect the way they’re born. But enhancing your pod with a few extras can go a long way in supporting mamas—and keeping your pod in tip-top shape. Here are some options.


Purell Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

(*Must adhere with adhesive tape–recommendation below) Clean hands, without touching a thing—mamas will appreciate this option. Light and easy to mount. Plus this sanitizing gel refill.

PURELL Push-Style Dispenser

(*Must adhere with adhesive tape) Give mamas the benefit of sanitizing their hands, pre-pump, without having to fumble in their bags to find product. Plus this green-certified sanitizing gel refill.

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes

Help moms keep the pod clean and disinfected for each other by providing these lemongrass-citrus scented wipes inside the pod.


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

These sponges remove stubborn scuffs from pod surfaces. We’re convinced they’re magic.

Wipe Dispenser with High Capacity Built-in Trash Can

It doesn’t get more mod than this sleek stainless steel stand that dispenses clean wipes on top and corrals dirty ones into a trash can underneath. (Don’t forget to empty!)

Zogics Antibacterial Wipes

Designed for the stainless steel wipe dispenser, these wipes clean and disinfect without  harsh chemicals.


Weatherproof Outlet cover

Protect your pod’s plug —it’s the source of all its power. This heavy-duty outlet cover is lockable and tamper-proof, which prevents unintended unplugging. We highly recommend it for public venues!


Wall Sign for 8.5 x 5.5 Graphics

Help mamas find your pod! We recommend signage (e.g., the Mamava logo, the International Breastfeeding Symbol, or “Lactation Space”) with directional indicators near your bathrooms and other popular destinations.

3M Double Sided Mounting Tape

Use this strong mounting tape to attach accessories to your pod. Do not drill into the panels of your Mamava.


Snap Open, Wall Mouth Sign Holder, 8.5x11’’

An elegant way to display information for mamas—such as who to call if help is needed, relevant updates, or simple encouragement—on the wall inside your pod.

BLACK+DECKER Compact Refrigerator
If you’ve ordered a refrigerator-ready Mamava Original or ADA pod so mamas can stash their milk between pumps, this compact model is a perfect fit.

1.5 Gallon Covered Trash Can (8"W x 10.8"D x 12.1"H)

For private placement pods this small bin is a great solution for disposing of pump and surface wipes.


Set of 4 Indoor/Outdoor Square & Rectangular Lumbar Pillows in Aruba Blue

For private placement pods, these pillows add some colorful comfort and are easy to wipe clean.

Set of 4 Indoor/Outdoor Square & Rectangular Lumbar Pillows in Vibrant Orange

For private placement pods, these pillows add some colorful comfort and are easy to wipe clean.

17”x13” Framed Magnetic Whiteboard

So moms can leave words of support and keep each other abreast of what’s happening in and out of the pod. (*Must adhere with a heavy-duty adhesive tape, like this one)