Why Mamava is a smarter choice than building a lactation space

Consideration Buy a Mamava Build a room
build time A prefabricated solution assembled in a few hours. Ships in 4-6 weeks. Variable construction timelines.
Installation Mom-ready the day it’s delivered. Requires permitting, zoning, and electrical hardwiring.
Secure Access Mamava’s SmartLock + app ensures autonomous access and privacy for mothers (and captures usage data to show ROI). Providing locked-door privacy (as required by federal laws) and easy access for mothers is an additional consideration.
Furnishing Built-in seating, lighting, table, mirror, locking door, and outlets. Requires outfitting a new space with furnishings and fixtures.
Mobility Move easily on retractable caster wheels. A fixed and permanent structure.
Space Provide accommodations without re-allocating rooms, closets, or offices. Takes away square footage from your space.
Cost Extensive product line customized to meet your needs. Variable. Averages 20%-50% more expensive than a Mamava solution.

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