Mamava CEO's TEDx Talk: Breastfeeding Needs to Be a Right, Not a Privilege


May 30, 2019

Mamava co-founder and CEO Sascha Mayer’s TEDx talk on inclusive design and supporting breastfeeding moms at work and in the world.

“It’s the greatest product ever created… and comes in some of the most beautifully designed packaging,” Sascha Mayer, co-founder and CEO teased the crowd. And then: “Of course, I’m talking about breast milk.”

A design professional and mother of two, Sascha Mayer and her co-founder, Christine Dodson, set out to solve a problem that was all too often invisible: giving breastfeeding moms a clean and private space to pump when they were at work and in the world. They went on to create the world’s first freestanding lactation pods. In her first TEDx Talk, Sascha shares Mamava’s origin story in the hope of normalizing breastfeeding and raising awareness about the need for inclusive design.

Mamava designs solutions to empower breastfeeding and pumping mamas on the go, like our freestanding lactation pods and lactation space locator app.