Virginia Breastfeeding Laws


In 2002 the state of Virginia passed Code § 2.2-1147.1 allowing nursing mothers the right to breastfeed their children anywhere in the state where they are otherwise permitted to be. The law also specifically states that mothers may breastfeed freely in any location that is state-owned, leased or controlled. Virginia has yet to pass any laws at the statewide level specifically for nursing mothers in the workplace. 


Virginia Breastfeeding Laws in Public

Va. Code § 2.2-1147.1 (2002, 2015) guarantees a woman the right to breastfeed her child on in any place where the mother is lawfully present, including any location where she would otherwise be allowed on property that is owned, leased or controlled by the state.


Virginia Breastfeeding Laws at Work

No specific at work breastfeeding laws at the state level.