Some states go beyond federal law and provide breastfeeding moms with additional rights.


U.S. Breastfeeding Laws: In Public

In 2018 breastfeeding in public became legal in all 50 states after Utah and Idaho passed laws protecting a mother’s right to breastfeed in public. So if a mother has a right to be there, she also has a right to breastfeed there.

Many states like New York, North Carolina, Oregon, and Texas—among others—passed legislation decades ago protecting a mother’s right to breastfeed in public. And 34 states also exempt breastfeeding from public indecency laws.

Breastfeeding has long-term health benefits for both babies and mothers. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics, and The World Health Organization recommend that mothers exclusively breastfeed for at least six months (and up to one year, if possible). Which means that supporting breastfeeding supports healthy babies, maternal wellness, and improved public health.