Friendly Airport for Mothers (FAM) Act: FAQs

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Friendly Airports for Mothers Act (FAM Act): Are You in Compliance?

The Friendly Airports for Mothers (FAM) Act supports breastfeeding mothers by requiring large and medium hub airports to provide a dedicated lactation area in every terminal. Written by Senator Tammy Duckworth, this bipartisan initiative was incorporated into the FAA Reauthorization Act and signed into law in October, 2018.

What does the FAM Act mean for me?

If you are a large or medium hub airport, The Friendly Airports for Mothers (FAM) Act requires that you provide a private lactation area beyond security in every terminal.

The lactation area must:

  • Not be a bathroom

  • Have a locking door

  • Include a place to sit, a table or flat surface, an electrical outlet and a sink or sanitizing equipment

  • Be accessible to, and usable by, people with disabilities

If you are a small category airport, you are not required to comply with the FAM Act. However, as lactation accommodations become more commonplace in airports around the country,  traveling breastfeeding mothers will expect them. Considering that women make 92% of all vacation decisions (source, M2M), investing in lactation accommodations may be good for your airport.

What is the timeline for compliance?

Airports have two years from the date the law passed (October 2018) to come into compliance with the new law by September 30, 2020.

Are there federal funds available for adding lactation areas?

Yes, through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). For large and medium hub airports, the Department of Transportation (DOT) will not approve future AIP grant applications for any airport development projects if they fail to include written assurances that the owner/operator the airport will maintain a lactation area at each passenger terminal building of the airport behind the airport security screening area. Small airports may also be eligible for discretionary AIP funds to offset costs of providing lactation accommodations in line with the FAM Act.


Mamava’s wheelchair accessible ADA pod, with standard secure-access smart lock, plus recommended sanitizing add-on, meets requirements for airports outlined by the FAA Reauthorization Act.