4 Steps to Get a Mamava Where You Need One


Breastfeeding in public is now legal in every state...woot! But if your baby demands a distraction-free zone, or you’re out and about solo, you’re probably looking for a clean, private space to nurse or pump. Maybe you’ve seen a Mamava pod “in the wild” and want to advocate for one at your favorite public place.

Looking for accommodations at work instead? Here's help.

Yes! And you’re not alone. Mamas are driving the Mamava movement by requesting lactation spaces wherever they go. Mamava pods are free for mamas (and our free app helps moms find and open them), thanks to the facilities that purchase and maintain them. So if you want a public place to provide a Mamava, be a hero and let the venue know.

Here’s how we can help. We’ve created tools to make it easy—like our “Take Action” on airports and stadiums (workplaces too!)— and we’ve compiled these tips to help make a winning case.

Step 1: Arm yourself with breastfeeding facts.

Most people support breastfeeding in theory, but they may not understand the realities of what it means for moms. You need to offer some talking points. Save this list in a note on your phone so you have it at the ready.

  • Moms need to pump—every few hours—when they’re away from their baby for work or travel, not only to collect milk but to keep making it.

  • Some babies get distracted and need a private space to focus.

  • Breastfeeding and pumping moms need clean and private spaces—not bathrooms—to nurse or pump.

Step 2: Make a case in the moment—on social media.

Pumping next to a toilet? Nursing in a first aid station without a locking door? Snap a pic and share it on Instagram and Facebook. Tag the facility where you are (super simple to find it if you have your location services turned on). Twitter is also a speedy way to ask venues to improve their lactation support. Ask for the lactation space you need and why—use those talking points!—in an assertive, yet kind, way. You might even mention #mamava as a fast and easy solution. Most public spaces strive to provide excellent experiences for their guests. Posting publicly about your personal struggle will raise awareness and empathy—and invite other mamas to join in.

Step 3: Follow with a more formal request for a lactation space.

Send an email to Guest Services. For airports and stadiums, we’ve created Take Action email templates and tracked down contacts so you don’t have to. You can use these templates for other public venues—or as a starting point to craft a more personal story.

Step 4: Rally more mamas to ask for private lactation accommodations.

When moms take action together, like these moms did, they can move mountains. Share your efforts, and your contacts, and your email outlines with your friends and social media communities. Invite other moms to send requests too. There’s nothing like an inbox full of moms to move your cause to the desk of key stakeholders. Or create an online petition using a simple tool like Change.org or The Petition Site asking the venue to do a better job of accommodating all their guests. Remember: people like to make moms happy!

Mamava designs solutions to empower breastfeeding and pumping mamas on the go, like our freestanding lactation pods, Mamava’s lactation space locator app, and other helpful resources.


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