The Poetry of Progress


Dec 11, 2017

When Nikkie Kent, Mamava’s EVP of Sales, had her first baby, she felt overwhelmed about returning to work. Until she joined the Facebook group, “Working Moms Making Breastfeeding Work!”

Being a part of an online community of moms who were struggling with going back to work was an important part of my breastfeeding journey. Together we figured out how to work with our breasts attached to the pump. We posted photos of our growing babies. We shared recommendations for increasing our milk supply and got advice for clogged ducts and mastitis. We even cried over spilt milk together.

Just as my breastfeeding journey ended, I found myself working at Mamava and started sharing information about Mamava with my working mama breastfeeding community so that new moms would have the resources that I did not— support while traveling and for going back to work. I wanted to get as many mamas out of the bathrooms as I could. 

One of my new mama friends was Ashley Summers, a legislative aide to Supervisor Katy Tang of San Francisco. When the city of San Francisco passed legislation requiring workplace lactation accommodations, Ashley reached out to see if Mamava's freestanding lactation pod would be a good fit for the city’s historic buildings. 

Ashley and I worked together for nine months to build our baby-friendly feeding strategy. Then we celebrated the first Mamava installation at City Hall (with seven more locations to come). As we cut the ribbon at the very first Mamava in the City of San Francisco and listened to Supervisor Katy Tang introduce the breastfeeding initiative, I was proud to stand side-by-side with Ashley, a new friend and fellow pumping-warrior committed to moving her community forward.

I’m proud of how Mamava is normalizing breastfeeding and changing our culture for the better.

I’m proud that Mamava is a category creator, making women’s lives better through innovative design.  

I’m proud to be connected with women who support each other, when all too often there is so little support out there.

And lastly, I was proud to have a growing baby girl inside my four-month pregnant belly. It truly is the poetry of progress.

Mamava designs solutions to empower breastfeeding and pumping mamas on the go, like our freestanding lactation pods and lactation space locator app.

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