Denver Stadiums Hit It out of the Park for Breastfeeding Moms


Over 80% of new moms in the U.S. initiate breastfeeding—and many receive lactation help in the hospital after giving birth—but by six months, only 57% of moms are still breastfeeding.  UCHealth, the umbrella organization for Colorado hospitals, wanted a way to extend their breastfeeding support beyond the hospital and into the community.  And when the Pepsi Center approached them about sponsoring a lactation space in the Denver stadium, they seized the opportunity. “We were very interested in providing a clean and comfortable space for moms to pump or nurse when they come to the Pepsi Center,” said Christina Hixson, UCHealth Director of Corporate Partnerships. 

Earn the brand halo effect 

In the competitive landscape of healthcare marketing, sponsoring a lactation space gave UCHealth a unique way to showcase their support of breastfeeding. The Pepsi Center is home to the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Colorado Mammoth, so thousands of moms use the pods and, when they do, they see UCHealth’s logo every time.  Creating positive brand awareness for a targeted audience at precisely their point of need goes a long way to ensuring a lasting “halo effect” for UCHealth.  

Take family-friendly to the next level

Dedicated lactation spaces are a cornerstone of family-friendly amenities, so UCHealth reached out to other teams in the Denver metro area, including the Broncos and the Rockies, to sponsor pods in their stadiums. “Coors Field has always been a family-friendly ballpark,” said Kevin Kahn, vice president and chief customer officer of ballpark operations. “So we are really glad to provide this benefit for the many young families who attend Rockies games.” 

Be a leader in supporting maternal wellness

Through sponsoring lactation spaces in three Denver stadiums—the Pepsi Center, Coors Field, Mile High Stadium—UCHealth generated positive press all across the country. Closer to home, the Denver fan base was equally happy. “We’ve received great feedback from fans who’ve attended games and been able to use the Mamava pod,” said Hixon. UCHealth’s strategic sponsorships helped establish them as a leading healthcare provider committed to supporting maternal and infant wellbeing in both the hospital and in the community.

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