Hoops and Boobs: The Breastfeeding Mama's Playbook


Maybe it’s because we’ve always got boobs on our brain, but basketball seems to have a lot in common with breastfeeding. Consider this: both are high-energy activities that demand strategy, agility and appropriate holds. That’s right: we’re talking hoops and boobs. So while you may know these terms from the court, here we translate them for mom life.


When your partner hands you the baby to breastfeed in bed and then whisks them away for a diaper change. Also when they bring you coffee.

Bank Shot

When breast milk ricochets off of their sweet little foreheads. Because sometimes their latch is no match for your let-down.


How you transport the baby from place to place. May involve a wrap, baby carrier, or your own beautifully toned arms.

Double Dribble

When you dribble, stop dribbling, and dribble again. Particularly common during long meetings. Unexpected that time you flew for work and sat behind a crying baby.

Fast Break

When your friend comes to see your new bundle of swaddled joy and you see the chance for a quick shower. Because you’re in your pjs and it’s been four days. Or five. 

Free Throw

What you do with the dog’s chew toy /tv remote /lost hairbrush /clean laundry when you sit down on the sofa to breastfeed.


When your let-down requires lying down. Also known as the reclining position.

Pump Fake

When your batteries die and you have to strategically position your scarf so you can hand pump on the plane next to that guy from work.


What happens when your little one is breastfeeding and gets distracted and then pops off, then on, then off again. Then on.  


Going somewhere—which now requires a small RV just for your pump bag, extra batteries, bottles, cooler packs, and wipes.

Double Foul

When you have a long layover or cancelled flight and there’s no dedicated place to pump at the airport.

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