Old Resolutions Refreshed for New Moms


New year, new you! Yes, please. But this year, let’s all agree to frame our get-better goals through a kinder, gentler lens. Here, some old-school resolutions filtered through this new view.

Get more exercise.

Moving your muscles is good for, well, everything—and super hard to fit in when you’ve got a baby, or a breast pump, bound to your bod. Consider on-demand exercise options like YogaGlo or Gaia, which offer yoga classes of all types and durations, or new-mama Melissa Wood’s workouts, which Mamava’s Director of Sales Operations, Annie, swears by. Hilaria Baldwin (yup, Alec’s wife and mama of four), gets real on Instagram with quick moves made for busy moms.

Drink more water.

When you’re breastfeeding it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. If drinking water doesn’t come naturally to you, perhaps you just haven’t found the right vessel. Insulated S’ip by Swell bottles are an economical stainless steel choice, or for a sleek, shatter-resistant glass option (with a silicone sleeve), consider a Soma. We also love straight-up glass mason jars. Adding a wedge of lemon, cucumber slices or slices of citrus may help entice you to sip.

Be present.

When you’re pulled in a million directions—literally, sometimes—it’s hard to stop thinking about what you could have done, or what you should be doing. But you know that the days are long (so long), and the years are short. (You know because everyone says this to people with babies. Sigh.) You want to soak up those sweet moments, and for that you must be present. Which takes practice. If meditation feels totally out of reach, start with a beginner-friendly app like Headspace or Insight Timer. Or treat yourself to cute Mindfulness Cards that serve up more than 50 inspiring insights and “bite-sized” mindfulness exercises you can do almost anytime, anywhere.

Cut back on coffee.

Drinking more than a couple of caffeinated cups (and we’re talking 8 ounce cups, not giant mugs) when you’re breastfeeding might interfere with your baby’s sleep—and yours. So if there’s ever a good time to cut back on coffee, now might be it. More water is always a great idea, but there’s something soothing about a steamy sip. Consider an herbal tea (the Mamava team loves Tazo Refresh)—and a serve it in a cool cup, like Mamava’s new Love the Matriarchy mug.

Get some sleep.

As a baby-parent, you have to catch those winks whenever you can. A soothing pre-bedtime ritual can help you settle into a deep sleep—consider lighting a candle scented with a relaxing essential oils blend. We love Lunaroma’s Deep Calm Aroma Candle, which features lavender, chamomile and marjoram.

Eat more veggies.

Packing your diet with greens (and other plant parts) is good for you, and good for your baby when you’re breastfeeding. Front-load your shopping list with veggies that require little-to-no prep, like snap peas and grape tomatoes, cukes and mini bell peppers. Sweet potatoes are easy to roast for you and then mash up, too, for a baby exploring their first real foods.  If you enjoy cooking (but quickly these days), treat yourself to a new cookbook, like Angela Liddon’s Oh She Glows Every Day and EatingWell Vegetables.

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