Quick Ways to Stay Calm This Holiday Season


The bells are ringing, the sales are screaming, and the relatives are coming. Must be the holidays! ‘Tis a joyous season, yes, but often a stressful one. Our gift to you: this checklist of easy ways to help you keep your cool and embrace the chaos wherever you go.

Take some deep breaths.

Feeling anxious? Slow down and bring your attention to your breath. Start just by noticing. Then deepen and lengthen your inhales and exhales. Try to make them even (four counts in, four counts out). Even two minutes of mindful breathing can bring you to a better place. Best of all? You can do this when your mother-in-law makes a snide comment, in line at the store, or at the family dinner table when your Uncle Bob starts talking politics. Again.

Bring your sense of humor.

This is no joke. It’s the secret to winning (by realizing this is a race you really don’t care about). Fighting for a parking space or the last toy on the shelf? Let go and smile at the other person. Wish them a happy holiday. You’ll both feel better. Or straight-up, find the humor in any situation. Notes for your novel, mama. People are hilarious.

Pack a snack.

Staying hydrated and nourished is key when you’re a breastfeeding mama. So stash your snacks everywhere—purse, pump bag, car, stroller. There’s nothing worse than getting hangry when you’re out and about. Trust us on this one.

Know where you’re going to pump.

Avoid stress (and gross bathrooms!) by planning ahead and finding places to pump where you’re going. As it turns out… there’s an app for that. Download the free Mamava app to find thousands of pumping and nursing spaces. And do other mamas a solid by adding any great new nursing space you discover, or leaving an in-app digital Words of Support note if you’re pumping in a Mamava pod. ‘Tis the season for giving!

Mamava designs solutions to empower breastfeeding and pumping mamas on the go, like our freestanding lactation pods, Mamava’s lactation space locator app, and other helpful resources.