The Breastfeeding Mom's Guide to The FAM Act


Traveling when you're a breastfeeding mom can be a challenge, especially when you need to find a private space to pump. But thanks to the FAA reauthorization Act of 2018, life is going to get easier. The new bi-partisan bill includes provisions from the Friendly Airports for Mothers (FAM) Act (written by Senator Tammy Duckworth in 2015) and requires lactation spaces in airports. So say good bye to pumping in bathrooms!  

What is the FAM Act?

As part of the FAA reauthorization act, the Friendly Airports for Mothers (FAM) Act requires all large and medium hub airports to provide a private “lactation area” beyond security in every terminal.

What does this mean for breastfeeding mamas?

Over 60 large and medium hub airports will need to provide a private lactation area beyond security in every terminal by October 2020 (Fiscal Year 2021, in government terms), two years from the date the law passed.

The lactation area must:

  • Not be a bathroom

  • Have a locking door

  • Include a place to sit, a table or flat surface, an electrical outlet and a sink or sanitizing equipment

  • Be accessible to, and usable by, people with disabilities

Does this mean that all U.S. airports will have a lactation space in every terminal?

Not exactly. Only large and medium hub airports—there are 61 one of them—will be required to comply with the law. However, as lactation spaces become more common in airports and, as more mamas come to expect them, smaller airports will hopefully consider going the extra mile for their breastfeeding guests.

What can I do to make sure my favorite airport gets better lactation accommodations?

If you travel through an airport that lacks lactation spaces, be an advocate for yourself and other traveling mamas. Airports want to provide amenities for their travelers, but they may not be aware of the problem. Contact Customer Care to let them know they need better spaces for their breastfeeding guests. (Check our Take Action on Airports for an easy tool).

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