Eat to Win: A Super Bowl Strategy for Breastfeeding Moms


The Super Bowl may be about football, but it’s also about food. Every year fans plan their victory menus and compare wing recipes. If you’re a breastfeeding mama, however, the stakes can feel even higher when it comes to knowing what to eat and whether to imbibe. Can you dig into your friend’s famous game-day chili and seven-layer dip? Can you enjoy that chilled adult beverage? We’ve sourced the answers for you so you can enjoy the game with the best of them.

When you’re pregnant you’re bombarded with advice and information about what to eat and what not to eat. But what about once that little one is out in the world and you’re breastfeeding? The best advice? Enjoy the foods you’d normally eat and hope that those tastes get passed through your breast milk. Of course, the most important thing is to know yourself and know your baby. So what does this mean for game day?

1) Head straight for those wings.

Research suggests that eating a varied diet may help introduce those flavors through breast milk and help prevent future fussy eaters. So other than high-mercury fish like shark or swordfish, the world of good food is your oyster and there’s no need to pretend like you’re enjoying that crudite platter. Unless you are. 

2) Say yes to bean dip and crockpot meatballs. 

Breastfeeding mothers need up to 500 more calories a day than moms who aren’t breastfeeding. Think supply and demand: you need to consume more food because your body is busy making food. Eat food that helps boost your milk supply, and keeps you and your little one healthy: lean proteins, whole grains, and a wide variety of nuts and vegetables.

3) A game day beverage plan means no need to 'pump & dump.' 

The guidelines for drinking alcohol for breastfeeding mamas have evolved and experts agree that moms can relax and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine in moderation. Since very little alcohol makes it into breast milk, there’s also no need to pump and dump. So use your best judgment and toast to your team.

4) Kick back and enjoy the touchdowns.

Breastfeeding may be natural, but it’s hard work and time-consuming.  If you’re watching Sunday’s game with friends and family, take advantage of those many loving arms and let others hold the baby. This way you can can still perform that annual touchdown dance you’re famous for, because some traditions shouldn’t change.

We know that mamas are huge sports fans, so we’re working hard to make sure that more stadiums support their breast pumping or breastfeeding guests. If you’ve visited a stadium without appropriate accommodations, we’ve made a simple tool to help you send the message that it’s time to up their game when it comes to supporting breastfeeding guests. Because mamas go everywhere!

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